About Us

Why We Started SubziCart.com:

Between 1960 and 2000, Indian groceries in the United States and Canada were limited to a few densely populated Indian communities. In the following years, Indian grocery stores began popping up across the United States as the community grew. However, very few offered a large collection of groceries of Indian origin.

SubziCart.com results from 24 years of experience shopping for Indian groceries in North America. We proudly feature many formerly inaccessible products and brands, including locally made favorite Indian groceries and popular sweets and savories - all accessible at your fingertips!

SubziCart.com Goal:

Our goal is to bring an extensive collection of Indian groceries sourced from authentic brands and quality products to our customers across North America. We source our products from all across the Indian subcontinent, from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and Guwahati to Gujarat.

Currently, SubziCart.com is sourcing from over 150 brands and approximately 10,000 products. As we gprs-row over the coming months, we plan to make more than 25,000 products available online. You will find a vast collection of Desi/Indian groceries, including GMO & non-GMO vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, health, beauty products, and food ingredients in our online store.

Ease of Buying

Thanks to our easy-to-use website and smartphone apps, your shopping experience will be seamless and simple no matter how you shop. As time goes by, we will continue to upgrade our technology to provide an improved customer shopping experience. You may notice changes to our website and smartphone app during the next few months, but trust that we will continue to provide an incredible selection of groceries, competitive pricing, and convenient delivery to your doorstep. Customer information and payment security always remain a top priority.

Reward & Loyalty:

Please register your email address for special offers and time-saving emails. As a reward for your loyalty, we offer our “Red Mirchi Reward Points'' program. You can redeem Red Mirchi Points at SubziCart.com or use them to buy gifts. We plan to offer gas and airline tickets! Refer a friend and get paid when your friend places their first order on SubziCart.com.

Reward & Loyalty:

We offer ready to cook and ready to eat foods, including:

  • Frozen

  • Snacks

  • Locally made sweets and savories

  • Food for religious and social occasions

  • Religious products & gifts

We source the products by keeping regional tastes and processes intact. We also focus on traditional domestic and commercial kitchen utensils and cleaning products. These are the same products your family has been using for decades, so you can bring the comfort of home with you no matter where you cook.

Technology Options:

We understand how busy you are. Our goal is to save you time and yet make thousands of groceries available at your fingertips. We have taken mobile-first approaches in creating our online and mobile identities, so our products are just a tap away for you.

We understand how busy you are. Our goal is to save you time and yet make thousands of For bulk buyers, we are flexible. We will understand your bulk requirements, recurring purchases and can offer appropriate discounts for commercial and nonprofit kitchens, earning our patron’s continued loyalty.

Delivery Options:

We offer a range of delivery dates, from same-day delivery to 1-3 days shipping, right to your front door.